Classic Novels in New Formats – To Kill a Mockingbird

In the classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, young Scout Finch is tagged as the main character and how the events in her life shaped her beliefs. Yet, the center of the story actually revolves around the trial of black man Tom Robinson and his subsequent conviction for supposedly raping white Mayella Ewell. The theme of the novel has long been considered controversial since this first came out, and for some time, several sectors brought up the idea of banning the book. This is one of the reasons a To Kill a Mockingbird developed.

Actually, quite a number of scenes in the novel are better experienced via the To Kill a Mockingbird Audiobook and in other similar formats. A prime example of this would have to be the trial of Tom and how his lawyer, Atticus, the widowed father of Scout, tried hard to prove his innocence. The courtroom drama is expectedly intense, and getting to hear the words and the emotions as delivered by the protagonists should prove to be exciting.

One other scene that should sound good on audio is where Tom ended up in jail and eventually shot to death after attempting to escape. Obviously, Tom has lost hope after his conviction, and escaping was the only remaining option. To hear his plea for help and the courage he had to muster should be a poignant audio experience.

Of course, at a glance, practically every scene in To Kill a Mockingbird is better experienced in audio format, meaning you should definitely listen to To Kill a Mockingbird online free. This is mainly because the novel is presented in narrative fashion as told by Scout, then only ten years of age, and how the events in the story eventually molded her character. In short, the way the story is delivered, as seen in the eyes of a young and innocent girl, is better enjoyed in a To Kill a Mockingbird.